1.  Where the location of PT. Clariant Kujang Catalysts today?

        Sales & Technical Services
        Bidakara Tower 2, 6th floor - Suite 601
        Jl. Jend. Gatot Subroto, Kav. 71-73
        Jakarta 12870 - Indonesia
        P: +62 21 8370 1020, 8370 1719
        F: +62 21 8370 0410

        The factory
        Kawasan Industri Kujang Cikampek
        Jl. Jend. A. No Yani. 39 PO. box 55
        Cikampek 41373, West Java - Indonesia
         P: +62264-318488, 318473 (Hunting)
         F: +62264-318474

2.  In what business is PT. Clariant Kujang Catalysts?

          Answer:   PT. Clariant Kujang Catalysts (CKC) is a specialty catalyst manufacturing company and a domestic leader in catalysts supplied

                             ESPECIALLY in ammonia, methanol and hydrogen gas productions.

3.  PT. Clariant Kujang Catalysts already have the ISO?
Answer: Yes, we have ISO 9001:2008

4.  Can I get a description of the products sold?
          Answer:  Please refer to our website in the product list.

5.   How I can get the prices for these products?
          Answer:   Go to the contact page to view the contact us of 
PT. Clariant Kujang Catalysts. May also call us
                            by phone, email or Fax.