About Us

PT. Clariant Kujang Catalysts (CKC) is a specialty catalyst manufacturing company and a domestic leader in catalysts supplied especially in ammonia, methanol and hydrogen gas productions. The company was established in June 1987 as a joint venture of PT. Pupuk Kujang, PT. Argamulya Buana Tirta and Süd-Chemie Catalysts Japan, Inc. (SCJ) formerly Catalysts & Chemicals Inc. Far East (CCIFE). Süd-Chemie Inc. (SCI) formerly United Catalyst Inc. (UCI), Louisville, USA is the license owner of the catalyst manufactured by KSC and has been known as an international established producer of industrial catalysts for use in synthetic feedstock gas, refineries, and the chemical and petrochemical industries.

Since its commercial production in September 1989, PT. Clariant Kujang Catalysts has continued to increase its capability to supply catalysts especially for domestic requirements. The company continues to do its best efforts to deserve further trust of the customers by providing them the quality products and services. PT. Clariant Kujang Catalysts also plays important roles as its contribution to enhance Government's self-reserve program especially in agriculture and fuel sectors.